How I’ll Spend My Summer Vacation: Clarion 2015

A little less than a month ago I got a rather unexpected email. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, reading just the first line before my brain quit functioning and I lost all ability to read or form cohesive sentences.

I’ve been accepted to the Clarion 2015 class. I will spend this summer in San Diego studying writing with six professional authors and 17 other students, basically having the best summer ever.


It still feels a little unreal. I’ve known about Clarion for over a decade. It’s always been one of those “someday maybe…” kind of things.

Someday maybe when I’m a little older.
Someday maybe when I’ve paid off my student loans.
Someday maybe when I can afford to take six weeks off of work.
Someday maybe when I’m a better writer.

When I decided in December to apply for the first time, it was because 2 and 3 were finally feasible, and 1 has become increasingly real. I didn’t know about number 4. I doubted that one. The previous year was one with very little (outside of day job) writing in it. I felt disappointment along with hopelessness about myself and my abilities.

When I submitted my application on February 28th I prepared myself to accept a rejection. It’s only your first try. You’ll have another year to practice and get back in the writing groove. Next year…

But I made it–I’m in. It’s happening. I’m excited. I’m ready.

I’m already back on track with my writing. I have three stories out for submissions and I’m working on rewrites for some others.

I can’t wait for summer.